Sunday, January 27, 2008

Have You Heard Anything Yet?

When I talk to my friends and family, and some of my co-workers, they always start off with “have you heard anything yet?”

They are referring to my contract ending in under a week’s time, yet I haven’t heard anything from my manager or human resources as to what will happen when it does end.

About six-months into my contract, my manager told me she didn’t want to lose me, and said she’d like to keep me on past my contract.

A couple of months later, she verbally asked me if I’d consider a full-time permanent staff position. I told her I’d consider it – I didn’t say I’d accept, but I am open to the possibility.

Or at least, way back then I was. I figured someone would have told me something at least two-week’s prior to my contract ending.

“We’re sorry, we just don’t have the budget right now, so we can’t keep you on past your contract.”

“We’re happy to offer you full-time permanent, with all the benefits.”

Or even, “we don’t want to lose you, and I know we were talking about permanent staff, but at this point and time, we still haven’t finalized our headcounts and budget for the year. Would you be interested in a short-term 30-day, 60-day, or even a 90-day contract, until we figure things out?”

All three scenarios would have been acceptable. WOULD HAVE BEEN.

With five days remaining until my contract ends, and still not a peep as to where the company sees me after those five days, I am a little more than peeved.

It is not only rude, but exceptionally irritating to disregard a person who has received nothing but excellent reviews from his manager, and is always receiving compliments for a job well done by other higher-ups.

Just last Friday, I got an email from the president and CEO of the company, telling me that I did an excellent job on our weekly newsletter. Moments after, my manager comes to me and tells me one of the directors said that same newsletter was “awesome.” And one of the other directors who I was working with in putting together this newsletter, emailed both my manager and my vice-president, saying how wonderful a job I did.

I’ve been getting feedback like this all year long – yet my contract ends in five short days, and I still haven’t heard anything about my status after it ends.

“Have you heard anything yet?”

“Nope,” is my usual response, and the person asking usually follows up with a look of understanding my frustration, and disbelief in this unusual predicament.

What exactly is one to do in such a predicament?

You can’t exactly go to your boss and say, “oh, I’m going to be late today, because I have a job interview.”

I’ve already asked my manager if they were still interested in my services after my contract ends – three-weeks prior to it ending.

My manager did talk to human resources, and they apparently were going to make me an offer a week prior to my contract ending.

A week prior to my contract ending isn’t really all that professional, but I accepted it at the time.

But that week came and went – last Friday was exactly one-week prior to my contract ending.

So, when and if they do come to me – what then?

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