Saturday, January 05, 2008

Crushed Ribs

I was at the local Dominion Grocery Store today. I was just passing through, to get to other stores in the mall. But as I was walking past the prepared foods counter, I saw some tasty looking ribs.

I thought these ribs and the fries next to them looked like a great dinner for tonight. So I waited patiently for the girl behind the counter to come out and serve me. She was at the other end cutting meat.

And I waited . . . and waited. I know she sees me, she’s looked up a couple of times. Though she still was cutting meat. Must be nice to have a job where you can ignore the customers paying your wages.

I called her over politely, though I was thinking of just walking out. She said she’d be over in a minute. It took longer than that, but eventually she got her lazy-ass butt over to the counter and asked if she could help me.

I asked for three racks of ribs, and a medium fries.

She gets out a plastic container for the ribs, and I see it and politely advise that she may need two containers. She takes the ribs, and out of the display and piles them into the container. They are too big for the container – anyone with half a brain could see that. And you’d figure she’d know what containers to use – as she works there. Though I was starting to wonder if maybe she just broke into the Dominion and started working for something to do.

She took a lid, and began to crush my ribs. She tried all that she could, using her entire body weight to push down on the poor crumbled plastic food container. The lid still wouldn’t stay on.

She asked if I’d mind two containers – which I advised her in the first place.

I began to say something – then I decided not to bother asking for non-crushed ribs. I told her not to worry about it, I don’t want them anymore.

And I walked out of the Dominion Grocery Store. I didn’t want crushed ribs, and I certainly didn’t feel like explaining something to some punk teenager that probably wouldn’t listen. So the Dominion Grocery Store lost my business.

I enjoy cooking my own food, but occasionally I am too tired and just want to have someone else do the cooking. Prepared food from the grocery store is faster and cheaper than getting take out, and it isn’t bad food.

I’ve had problems before at that prepared food counter. Often there is never anyone around to help out, and when you finally do get someone, they are rude, talking on their cell phones to their boyfriends, or simply just don’t listen and don’t give you even the slightest level of basic customer service.

I’ve been going to Longo’s for my groceries most recently, as their store is bigger, cleaner, and the service is exceptional. I was only passing by the Dominion Grocery Store and thought it might be nice to have some prepared food for dinner.

Won’t do that EVER AGAIN.

The Dominion Grocery Store chain has lost my business forever. I’m tired of dealing with their flakey people. I shouldn’t have to call someone over to serve me – isn’t that why they are there in the first place?

And when someone does take the time out of their busy day to actually come over and serve a customer, shouldn’t that person at the very least LISTEN to the customer?

So NEVER GO TO DOMINION GROCERY STORES – unless of course you don’t mind the lack of customer service.

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  1. Today, I had a bad experience with the poor customer service at the Dominion in Parkway Mall (Scarborough,On) I had purchased the recyclable bags to have my items put it by the cashier. She refused to place my items in the bags, saying it was not her job to pack bags for customers. I agree with your comments on Longo's. The service at Longo's is far superior.