Monday, July 12, 2010

America’s Not So Green President

Breaking news from CNN, the U.S. Interior Department issued a new moratorium to block deepwater oil and natural gas drilling today.

Big whoop.

If the American government really gave a damn about the environment, then we wouldn’t still be talking about the British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in the Gulf, which began April 20 – yes APRIL. An estimated 35,000 to 60,000 barrels of crude oil continue to pollute all the interconnected water and ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico EVERY DAY.

BP has yet to cap their leaking – more like GUSHING – oil well, and despite fines, harsh language, and personal meetings with American President Barack Obama, BP is taking a very lazy, don’t give a rat’s ass approach. Their latest scheme to stop the oil well is only being considered a temporary measure, which may or may not even work.

We live in an age of technological wonder. As you read this sentence, billions of emails, web pages, instant messages and text messages have been sent and received.

Yet in this world of instant everything, when it comes to our home, planet Earth, nothing is quite as fast.

Yes, eventually Mother Nature will clean up the mess left by the careless executives at BP that failed to prevent this disaster from occurring. Mother Nature takes her time – scientists estimate it’ll take about half-a-million years before all the oil is gone if it were just left there for Mother Nature to tackle.

Plants and animals affected by the oil won’t come back from the oil spill for another few thousand years after that.

The first Black American president often considered the most “green” because of his strong public image towards environmental initiatives is looking anything but green. His first attempt to initiate a moratorium on deep oil drilling was tossed out by a federal judge – yes a FEDERAL judge.

Now we sit and wait for the overly powerful oil and gas industry to take the latest deep oil and natural gas drilling moratorium to court. Will the American President be embarrassed a second time, by having one of his own federal judges toss it out?

Moratoriums aren’t even a real solution, they just are temporary bans, which means they are temporary quick fixes to long-term, real problems.

The long-term real problem – our dependency on fossil fuels.

When President Obama was recently sworn in, he gave a serious of very moving speeches, mentioning how his administration was committed to reducing what he called in all of these orations “America’s dependence oil and non-American fossil fuels.”

He enthused with great energy, how he was going to take the lead, in moving America away from this dependency. He talked about ensuring all federal government buildings had green power alternatives, and how Americans can harness the power of the wind, the Sun and the water to make America great once again.

He did what many politicians in many countries do – he gave great big moving speeches.

Unfortunately, he then did what many politicians in many countries have also done – failed to act on those great big moving speeches.

The BP oil catastrophe isn’t a time to back away, and let a room full uncaring oil executives tell you it just can’t be done.

NOW is the time President Obama should make good on those great big moving green speeches. NOW is the perfect time to take action, to really make America – and the world – a better place.

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