Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Woman Sues Cell Phone Provider for Contributing to Divorce

Only in Canada, eh? A Toronto, Ontario, Canada woman is suing her cell phone provider, claiming her marriage fell apart because the detailed billing on her cell phone account exposed her extramarital affair.

Gabriella Nagy is seeking $600,000CDN for the alleged invasion of privacy and breach of contract, according to documents filed in the province’s superior court.

When Nagy started cheating on her hubby, her cell bill was sent directly to her. But her husband signed up for a bundled plan, and all phone bills eventually went to him, where he found his wife’s lover’s numbers.

What a load of . . . well . . . you know . . .

Not being the cheating type, I suppose I enjoy detailed billing. It helps me keep track of the numbers I call most frequently, so I can manage my calls, call time and other related expenses. It also helps in the event that something is amiss – which can always happen in our technologically driven world.

That said, the question of whether or not the wife’s privacy was breached is a good one. Everyone has a cell phone these days – even kids – though why a kid barely old enough to not play with his food needs a mobile device is beyond me.

Cell phones have become an integral part of who we are. We personalize our phones in more ways than just changing the screen saver and covers. We put our lives in our cell phones – the names, numbers, addresses and birthdays of our friends, family and colleagues. We have our appointments in our cell phones, many – including me – “sync” our phones with our computers, so our contacts, appointments and other personal info is always with us.

So in a sense, we can all put ourselves in the woman’s shoes, and feel for a certain loss of privacy if her cell phone bill got into someone else’s hands.
Does that put the breakup of the couple’s marriage squarely at the feet of the cell phone provider?

Not a chance.

Although the cell phone provider indirectly aided the husband in tracking down his wife’s lover, chances are the couple were experiencing marital problems long before he saw it on paper. Problems in the marriage must have been going on for a while, which lead to the wife’s cheating. The husband was probably already suspicious; otherwise he wouldn’t care about his wife’s cell phone use – unless she was racking up excessive amounts, which we don’t know.

Either way, the woman is simply in denial, using the leaked cell phone details as an excuse in place of the real cause of her failed marriage – the reason which led her to cheat on her hubby in the first place.

We may never know the true cause of the breakup, but chances are, it involved one thing that ironically cell phones are good for – communication.

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