Monday, May 10, 2010

North American Political Freedom – What Freedom?

In Canada’s largest city a local politician claims there is a booklet, secretly listing people, services and streets exempt from parking tickets.

The city councilor says the 25-page booklet is costing the city millions, as those on the list can have any parking tickets canceled.

Makes you wonder just what other kinds of political favors our politicians dole out to buy support in up-coming elections.

What other top secret lists exist – giving a very select few privileges at the taxpayers expense? How many other cities around the world do this? Maybe yours?

If politicians want to earn the peoples trust, they have to stop playing old school politics and try something unheard of in political circles – being honest.

Hiding behind campaign promises which you have no intention of really acting upon once you get into office, spreading dis-information about competing views to poison the public’s perception towards your side, and handing out special perks to selected companies and individuals to purchase their unwavering support have become all too common at all levels of politics.

This old form of politics has led to a general populace so cynical with the political system, elections don’t really represent the majority anymore, they just represent the majority of a small group who chose to vote, as voter turn out is always so low.

People from other countries here in Canada and the States, often wonder why we don’t take full advantage of our free and democratic rights by not voting in elections. Often where they come from, people have died for expressing any opinion about their politicians, especially if it flies in the face of the current dictator.

They don’t understand how we can sit idle on election nights.

Maybe it is because we really aren’t any more free than they are?

We don’t suffer under powerful regimes, led by monster dictators that keep all the wealth and privilege to their select inner circle.

Or do we?

When politicians give out special perks their buddies, make policies and laws which favor their supporters, and do whatever it takes to get re-elected instead of what is truly right and good for the population overall, it doesn’t sound all that different.

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