Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sarah Palin’s Well Managed Book Tour Misses Key Cities

You just knew it was coming – despite her botched attempt to become vice-president of the United States of America, Sarah Palin has written a book.

As with many political scribblings, a managed book tour is the norm. But with Palin, the book tour is being more controlled than managed, as her handlers aren’t sending her to cities and towns where she’ll probably cause more hairs on the backs of people’s necks to rise, than books to be sold.

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And that means she’ll be skipping over some of the biggest cities in the States – usually the ones key to the success of a new book.

The former Alaskan governor will NOT take her book tour to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Instead, if you want to catch up on how her teenage daughter is doing as a new mom, challenge her on her stance on American values, or just grab her autograph, you’ll have to go to places which welcome her often backwards thinking type of politics.

Fort Wayne, Indiana, Washington, Pennsylvania, Roanoke, Virginia and Jacksonville, Florida are just some of the smaller, and more conservative areas where Palin’s pen will be scrawling her name into covers of her book.

Although the book’s publisher says more cities may be added to the tour, don’t count on any place that may cause Palin to defend her views.

This book tour is being very controlled, partly because of Palin’s own outspokenness, and partly because her views aren’t always immediately accepted.
After all, no one wants their star author being yelled at, cursed, or even being spoofed. Though Palin has already been spoofed many times on Saturday Night Live. It would be quite different if a wild New Yorker not agreeing with her conservative views got into a shouting match during a book signing.

That’s why her publishers aren’t taking any chances and limiting her book tour to cities and towns which will be more accepting of Palin’s old fashioned – some would say dated – conservative family values.

One such view which bit her bottom during the election, was about abstinence instead of sex education for teenagers. She boasted about the benefits of telling kids that it is better to wait for the Mister or Miss Right, rather than teaching teens how to protect themselves from Sexually Transmitted Diseases and unwanted pregnancies. Then, during the later-half of the campaign, she ann

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ounced to the world that her young, teenage daughter was pregnant.

She had even gone so far as to ban condom vending machines from public high schools in Alaska, when she was governor. Maybe if her daughter Bristol had used one of these banned devices, she wouldn’t have made a spectacle out of the ex-governor from America’s northernmost state.

They even orchestrated a very shot-gun-type of wedding between Palin’s daughter, and the young man who would be the father of the kid’s kid. Though a few months later, the wedding was called off, and both teens went their separate ways.

Though Sarah Palin was pretty good at making a scene all on her own – she didn’t need her family for that.

Palin’s book tour ironically kicks off in Michigan, where she publicly disagreed with her presidential running-mate, John McCain on pulling resources out of that state, which earned her the dubious title of the “Rogue” candidate.

Most recently, she’s been promoting her credentials – and possibly looking for work – by creating her own online profile on the social networking site LinkedIn, which is geared for professional development and job hunting.

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