Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Where Did Summer Go?

This coming weekend is the official last long weekend of summer – the Labor Day Long Weekend. Originally conceived to honor the labor movement, it always signals the end of summer and the start to new beginnings.

Kids go back to school, many companies that provide summer hours for their employees go back to the regular daily grind, the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop and if you are lucky, you can often catch Jerry Lewis on his Muscular Dystrophy telethon.

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Summer doesn’t officially end until a couple of weeks from now, but there always has been something about the Labor Day Long Weekend which really hits home.
Maybe it goes back to when I was a kid, and I knew after this long weekend, I’d have to stop sleeping in, and make sure I was ready in the morning for school.

Maybe it’s because the football season is about to begin, that always was a sure sign summer was over and fall was upon us.

Or maybe it’s just because people write blogs, newspaper stories, and broadcast television news stories about the final long weekend of the summer.

Whatever causes the Labor Day Long Weekend to be the end of summer, it often brings about reflection – memories of those horrid “what did I do on my summer vacation” assignments handed out by teachers during the first week of school.

This past summer wasn’t a washout like last years here in most of Canada. Last summer it rained most of the summer, so there really wasn’t much to enjoy.

Though we still didn’t have a real Canadian summer – temperatures were well below normal for most of it – and still are even as I write this now. We

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only saw a handful of days with a humidex, which in many ways is good. Who likes to boil like a lobster anyway?

Still, without those hot and hazy days of summer, ice cream trucks just weren’t the same. Going to outdoor events just wasn’t the same. Even the usual “it’s too hot” complaints didn’t seem legit, because we only had a couple of weeks of really hot, sticky summer-like weather.

Without the heat of summer, this wasn’t really a great summer. Sure, we get those nice long weekends, and people are generally in better moods because of all the sunshine, but without the summer sizzle, there isn’t any – well – sizzle.

Maybe next year, we’ll actually have a summer to remember?

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