Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Signs of the Times – McWomen

One of the surest signs the economy is actually doing better – as the Bank of Canada and many economists claim – is an increase in jobs. The more people working, the better the economy – right?

Not necessarily – just because there are more jobs, doesn’t mean the economy is back to its former glory. Long gone are the high paying jobs which pay the bills, replaced with many so-called “McJobs” which don’t.

Case in point, recently Canada’s bean counter – Statistics Canada – released figures showing that for the first time ever, there are more women than

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men in Canada’s workforce.

The survey found that about 7.1 million women were earning wages in the first half of 2009, compared to only 6.9 million men for the same time period.

Women outnumbered men in both the under and over 25-years-old demographics – another first.

Labour groups and women’s organizations are the first to point out that these numbers don’t reflect changes in attitudes towards women in the workforce; rather, they are due to layoffs in male-dominated industries such as manufacturing, automotive and construction sectors.

Women on the other hand are more likely to take up many of the part-time McJobs in retail, as office temps (you don’t hear many men call themselves “a Kelly Girl”), and other low-wage earning jobs.

Just last month, Canada’s national banking regulator, The Bank of Canada boldly declared the recession over. Far be it from over, when the jobs that are out there are slim pickings for earning a decent wage to support oneself.

How can one put food in one’s tummy, clothes on ones back, and a roof overhead working for minimum wage?

Many families are still reeling from the economic depression we’re still in – despite the declarations of it being over by the Bank of Canada.

Canada’s national bank should be called on the carpet for its undignified premature announcement. Although they are trying to end the fear to spend, which would encourage growth, to stimulate the economy, they are actually deepening the wounds created by this bleeding fiscal mess.

By prematurely announcing the end of the recession in Canada, they have demonstrated to those who are still living through it that the government has absolutely no idea what is going on, or how to really resolve it.

They also alienate those who are struggling, by showing a complete lack of concern for those in need, and in turn push those who are desperate for government assistance away.

It is time the government of Canada stopped pumping out propaganda, and actually came out with a strategy to stimulate the economy, and create real, long-term, sustainable jobs, that aren’t simply McJobs, but real ones, with real futures for both men and women.

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