Monday, January 05, 2009

Who’s The Real American First Lady?

American President-Elect Barack Obama won’t be sworn in and officially take control of the United States until January 20, but guaranteed the airwaves will be swamped with Obama this and Obama that.

What’s really interesting is who will be influencing one of the most powerful men in the world. Usually, this post is held by none other than the president’s wife – the first lady. Michelle Obama probably assumes that she will be no different than any other first lady of American presidents in the past.

But there she would be wrong. She will hold the title “first lady” and participate in all the duties of the first lady. However, she won’t have nearly as much influence over the president as the unofficial first lady – Oprah.

Oprah – the woman with the talk show where Tom Cruise jumped up and down on her couch – will have more influence over the new American president than his wife.

Without Oprah’s support, Obama would probably never have got into the Oval Office in the first place – hell, it was Oprah that encouraged him to run for the presidency. As all politicians, he probably had dreams of becoming president, but without Oprah’s help, he wouldn’t be there today.

And without Oprah’s continued support, Obama probably would have a hard time in office. Not that he doesn’t already have his hands full – he’s got two wars, both of which the American’s are losing – the war in Afghanistan and the war in Iraq. The economy is dead in the water, unemployment is on the rise, and the image of America around the world isn’t exactly in top shape. George W. Bush has left the country in tatters – which should have been expected, he is just an oil-hungry Texas hick after all.

That’s the thing I don’t understand about American politics. You’d figure the country with the most power in the world would elect the best leaders, the cream of the crop. But they don’t – in the 1990’s they had the womanizing Bill Clinton, before that a bully that dared Saddam Hussein to “read my lips,” and before that a former actor who co-starred with a chimp – a CHIMP of all things – Ronald Regan.

Hopefully Barack Obama will be more than just another Dr. Phil – who isn’t even a real doctor – and actually be able to cure America’s ills. But if the past is any indication of the present, and it usually is, then it’ll be interesting to see what Obama really is.

Guess it makes some sense though, when a country listens to the advice of a talk show host on television, with no experience running a major country. That’s how Dr. Phil became famous – Oprah originally hired him to advise her on how to deal with the beef producers in the States, and this showed us her true power.

It was during a mad cow scare in the States, and Oprah bad mouthed American beef, saying how she is now refusing to eat any American-grown beef. So many people followed Oprah’s stance, that the beef producers – mostly cow farmers – banded together and sued her.

Oprah sought the advice of many people, one of them was Dr. Phil, who she had on her show for a while, before he finally got his own spin-off show.

So, the unofficial first lady is Oprah – a talk show host – because she got the president elected. I wonder if Obama will have his own spin-off show? I can see it now, surrounded by housewives in a studio audience, he’ll run up and down the aisles with a microphone, gathering opinions and questions about all his cool guests.

Maybe if Oprah is lucky, she’ll get to be a guest on his show?

Holly president Jerry Springer.

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