Thursday, October 02, 2008

Winter Is Back

In case you’ve been in a cave recently, you’ll have seen the changes too. It is getting darker sooner, the leaves on the trees are changing color, and there are more leaves on the ground. And there is that bitter chill in the air.

Winter is back. Soon the snow will fall, the wind will pick up and it will be dark longer than it is light.

I’ve never been a big fan of winter. I am more of a summer person. I don’t like it too hot, but I prefer the warm summer breezes to the goose bump causing winter winds. I prefer sitting on my balcony watching the stars on a pleasant summer’s eve, than having to bundle up just to go out for dinner.

As great a country as we live in, Canada has the worst weather. I enjoy having four distinct seasons – many places on the globe don’t even have that. But for what it’s worth, I wish summer lasted longer.

Our summers seem to be getting shorter every year. This summer was pretty much a wash out, as it rained almost every day. We had the wettest summer on record, and we’ll probably have the wettest and coldest winter too.

Winter does have it’s perks. It is nice to go out and ski, or make a nice hot fire in the fire place, and winter is the season for hot chocolate.

But we seem to have longer winters than summers here. And winter is always such a dark season – looking forward to the February blahs anyone?

I think not!

We have to deal with big, heavy and bulky winter coats, mitts, hats and toques. Slush and mud, and watch you don’t slip and fall on the ice.

And we always – always – have that one or two major snow storms, which cause traffic chaos. I still can’t understand how anyone can forget how to drive in a winter snowstorm, when chances are they do it every year. Must be a Canadian thing.

Good thing we have Canadian beers to keep us warm – cheers.

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