Sunday, October 26, 2008

Why The World Needs Another Hero

What do. John A. MacDonald. John F. Kennedy, and Winston Churchill have in common? Aside from all being former leaders of their respective nations – Canada, the USA and Great Britain – they were all exceptional heroes.

Real heroes – not the like Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. Although comic book heroes have their place, real heroes like MacDonald, Kennedy and Churchill accomplish really great things.

They motivate people to change, to become better than they are, and to improve the world around them.

Throughout history, we’ve seen living examples of real heroes, and not all of them politicians. Princess Dianna was one – always striving to save the world, despite enormous pressures from a British Royalty that really didn’t care about anything but themselves. Steven Spielberg may be considered a hero of sorts, by showing us who and what we are, through his films.

But none of the heroes of today, has even come close to what MacDonald, Kennedy or Churchill in terms of heroic acts.

MacDonald was one of Canada’s founding Prime Ministers, shaping the very fabric of the country as he wrote policies which created the very notion of what it means to be Canadian. Kennedy was an exceptional orator, and had an imagination which put a man on the moon, and averted an atomic war with Cuba. Another powerful presence, Churchill led the British through tough economic times, and on to Victory Day after the war.

Our society has changed much since those early years – some good, some bad changes. Much of the negative changes in our society stem from the lack of any real heroes. Real heroes give of themselves so much, we can’t but want to fall in line, and assist.

Would you really follow Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on anything he’s got going on? How about US President George W. Bush?

I certainly wouldn’t consider any of our current world leaders and other celebrities heroes. Most celebrities these days are strictly candy coating – they look all sweet on the outside, but they really aren’t good for you.

As technology improves, making it even easier to destroy each other, to watch each other, to get in each other’s way, we really need a hero to guide us. We need someone to motivate, to encourage, to mentor and above all else, lead by example.

That’s what real heroes do – they show us that although they may go through tough times too, they are more than willing to make the sacrifices necessary for the greater good.

Until another hero surfaces, there will never be a greater good.

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