Monday, April 14, 2008

The Power if Soaking it Out

I have a confession to make – I’m a slob when it comes to eating messy food. Watch out if you’re within sprayable distance while I’m eating ribs, wings, pizza – you’re bound to get some of the sauce on ya.

I do try to be careful, and generally speaking, I don’t make that much of a mess.

Pass the wet nabs, please. . .

I guess messy eaters are generic. My dad is also a messy eater. Whenever I have my family over for dinner, wherever he was sitting is always the messiest.

Last night, I had the family over for dinner. I enjoy our family dinners – it gives me a chance to catch up with the people important in my life.

We had a great meal, watched some movies, and talked. Then came the clean-up afterwards. What a mess!

The placemats were covered in pretty much everything we ate – and some things I don’t remember ever seeing!

What to do?

How do you get a concoction of chocolate mouse, ketchup, mustard, cole slaw, juice, iced tea, and other things I couldn’t even identify out of placemats?

I took all the placemats, and covered them in liquid laundry detergent. I let them just sit and soak in this stuff for about 20-minutes. Then I added in hot water and stirred them like I was a witch making a caldron of some sort of secret potion. I let the water and soap potion soak for an hour.

Then I rinsed and hung to dry. I couldn’t see any stains, but I figured, that’s because it hadn’t dried on. I was anxious to check back in the morning to see how well my cleaning efforts worked.

Surprise and joy – no stains were found! My witches brew did the job – all the food stuffs that were stuck on were gone. I think these even look like new placemats!

So, the solution to the messy eating gene is a good soaking in soapy water. Now if only they can cure baldness so easily!

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