Thursday, April 24, 2008

Closing Schools Bad Is Bad for all Canadians

Enrolment in publicly funded schools across the country is at an all time low. Politically motivated – and politically correct – politicians tell us this is because of declining birth rates.

As politicians close more and more of our public schools, despite protests from those whose kids attend those buildings of learning, they remind us that it’s because their just aren’t enough children anymore.

The truths about declining enrolments is partly linked to lower birth rates, however, there is an even bigger and more obvious reason. Though it isn’t politically correct to admit it – immigration is the real bane to our public school’s problems.

Canada has always welcomed those from other countries with open arms. We live in the best country in the world, why not share our way of life with others?

Problem is we Canadians are exceptionally weak when it comes to maintaining our way of life. We allow those that come here to rape us, using the fundamental freedoms which we hold close and dear as weapons against us.

Our freedoms allow people to practice their culture, their way of life, here – as they should. However, those rights shouldn’t be allowed to negate the ways others choose to live – but they do.

Immigrants come to our great land, move into neighbourhoods with others from their homeland, set-up communities – no, they set-up mirror images of their homeland – complete with their own restaurants, stores, religious centres, community centres and schools.

Each immigrant group settles into its own microcosm of its own cultural community – from Little Italy, China Town to Greek Town. Each immigrant community sends their kids to schools built exclusively for those in their own narrow-focused community.

Italian kids go to Italian school, Chinese to Chinese school and so on.

Canadian kids, go to the public schools – just as their parents did. Problem is, as Canadians are having fewer kids, there aren’t enough kids in Canadian schools to justify keeping them open.

Think the Chinese school will open its doors with open arms to the Canadian kids?

Fat chance. These schools must teach the basics as dictated by the government, such as reading, writing, and arithmetic, but then they are allowed (thanks to our freedom of speech) to also teach culturally-specific subjects – and charge admission for such courses.

I hear co-workers and colleagues all the time talking about how they have to pay extra to send their kids to these culturally-centric schools. They start out complaining about the cost, but then justify it in the end, by bad mouthing the Canadian school system.

“They wouldn’t learn anything about Slovenia in a public school.”

“They don’t get to play with kids from back home in Canadian schools.”

“It’s good for them to learn from others who were there.”

But it’s bad for our country, as it propagates the ultimate problem we have with immigration – intolerance.

Immigrants come over here to escape the repression and intolerance they have in their own countries. Many would be jailed or executed if they were to express their opinions about their governments in their native land.

Yet, once they get here and realize they have unlimited freedom of expression, they create just as intolerant a state, only in reverse. By creating pockets of communities, which have little or no interaction outside of their own culturally-specific circles, they create intolerance towards anyone not from their homeland.

It is pure and simple racism – and our Canadian way of life is dying because of it.

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