Monday, October 30, 2006

New Year’s Bash

The year is winding down and that means P A R T Y!

Yeppers – I’m planning my New Year’s bash. But wait, Halloween is just a day a way, and we haven’t even talked about the Xmas holidays.


Halloween is cool when you’re a kid. Dressing up, running around from neighbor to neighbor gathering candy. But once you hit adulthood, Halloween is pretty lame. I don’t want to be one of those old geezers handing out candy to kids. And I’m too old to get dressed up and run around the neighborhood.

So Halloween doesn’t mean much too me.

I actually kind of feel sorry for parents forced to drag their screaming kids around the neighborhood. Sure, they say they enjoy watching their kids have fun gathering treats – but deep down they are bound to be tired, sore and probably wishing it would all just be a distant memory.

Xmas holidays are pleasant times for friends and family. Giving and getting gifts, time of work, and can’t forget Egg Nog with a touch of rum. Maybe add a bit more of a touch of rum. A bit more . . . ahh that’s good stuff.

But the real celebrating at the end of the year is the end of the year – or at least it is too me. New Year’s brings friends together, loads of food, and plenty of booze.

And New Year’s is filled with traditions rooted deep down in my growing up. Sure, the other year-end holidays have some traditional components, but nothing like New Year’s.

Who can forget huddling around the boob-tube, flipping between Dick Clark’s New York City Ball Drop and the CityTV Annual New Year’s Eve Bash at Nathan Phillips Square? Who can forget the big countdown?

New Year’s is the party of the year. That’s why I’m already excitedly planning what to do.

Let’s see – what to do?

It might be nice to go out to dinner with friends and then back to my place and watch the countdown. Then again I could host the whole shebang, complete with food and drink. Could go downtown and enjoy the ambiance of the crowds.

Whatever I do with my friends this New Year’s one thing is for certain – it will be the party of the year.

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