Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Are You Old Enough for an Autobiography?

Are you 16 or older? Okay, then you too can have your own movie about your life. Just ask Justin Bieber – the Canadian pop singer’s management recently announced work on his life story will be made into a move – NO WAIT – a 3D movie – of all things.

Justin Bieber is only 16-years-old – which begs the question, just how old do you have to be to have enough life experiences for a movie?

Though there have already been autobiographical books of Miley Cyrus and she’s only a year older than Bieber. Though a biographical book I saw on Cyrus was filled mostly with full color pictures showing the teen idol on the set of her SITCOM, which is slated to end this season.

And her one-hit-wonder-dad, country music singer Billy Rae Cyrus plays her dad on the TV show. Gee, that must be really tough, playing daughter to your real-life dad?

Some celebrities have been long gone before anyone makes a movie about their lives. Internationally known singer Ray Charles died during the making of his biopic movie, he was 73.

Canadian jazz legend Oscar Peterson lived to be 82, yet no one put his life story down until he was well over 70.

And no one ever questioned the talents of Ray Charles or Oscar Peterson– any music historian will boast for hours of the importance to music both artists left behind.

But baby-faced Justin Bieber is just that – baby-faced. Sure he draws in throngs of young teenage girls, yelling and screaming his name. But has Justin Bieber actually contributed something no one else has to his art?

Has he broken down the walls of racism and discrimination – like Ray Charles? Has he invented new sounds and new ways to express those never before heard of, like Oscar Peterson?

The King of Pop – Michael Jackson – lived a short life, but unquestionably made great contributions to his art. From his trademark dance moves, to his storybookish lyrics which helped re-invent MTV through his mini-movie-like music videos, again, no one can question his invaluable contributions to pop music.

Aside from causing teenage girls hormones to race – which isn’t all that hard seeing as most teenagers have raging hormones – just what exactly has Justin Bieber done to deserve a movie about his life?

Not that Bieber one day may make a great and important contribution to pop music, on par with the likes of Michael Jackson, no one can predict the future. And if that one day does come, by all means, spend millions using the latest technology to make a movie about his life.

But so far, this whole biopic movie smells like a get-rich-while-he’s-hot attempt by his handlers, instead letting him develop and grow into someone worthy of telling their life story on the big screen.

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