Monday, June 21, 2010

King of Pop Starts Week of Summer

Summer officially – and finally! – arrived today at 7:28 this morning. The summer solstice gives us the most daylight of any day of the year, as our planet’s orbit is closest to the Sun.

Usually this is the time of year when thermostats rise, people take time off to enjoy the longer days, and kids chase ice cream trucks because they are out of school.

But the start of summer will be marred by the tragic, and bizarre death of the King of Pop – Michael Jackson, who died a year ago this Friday.

Actually, here in Canada, it will be interesting to see who gets more press – famed singer Michael Jackson, or the gathering of 20 of the most powerful world leaders in Toronto for the G20 Summit, which just so happens to take place the day after “MJ’s” death (though the G8 takes place on prior to and on his death).

Toronto, Canada is locked down like a prison, with thousands of police, military and security-types, to protect presidents, prime ministers and their staffs.

Once again, Michael Jackson will probably overshadow the news – it won’t be the first time his death upstaged a major event.

Hours prior to the announcement of Michael Jackson’s death at 2:26pm on June 25, 2009 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, USA, famed Charlie’s Angels pin-up star Farrah Fawcet had passed away.

Even the largest Cable News Network (CNN) in the States changed gears once reported rumors of Jackson’s death began appearing. CNN’s most popular personality, Larry King earlier had “tweeted” on social network that he would dedicate the full hour of his show to Farrah Fawcet’s life, but once news of Jackson’s death hit the world, Larry King dropped Farrah Fawcet faster than a hot potato, swapping her last chance in the lime light for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

Despite all the media back then – and the circus of media yet to come this week, as the anniversary of the King of Pop’s death draws closer – his death still remains a mystery.

Jackson’s personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray may be the only one who truly knows what happened, but he is going to be standing trial later this year, charged with involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death.

Eye witness affidavits, telephone call logs, 911 recordings and police reports have identified large amounts of high powered narcotics and medical equipment in Jackson’s home, not normally found outside of a hospital setting.

From Valium and Midazolam – two potent sedatives requiring prescriptions, to Lorazepam, a strong anti-anxiety medication similar to Valium, to the most controversial of all -- Propofol.

Propofol, a white liquid drug administered by intravenous is an anaesthetic used for serious surgeries, and in some cases, to put animals to sleep. According to Dr. Murray’s statements, Michael Jackson was addicted to Propofol, often referring to it as “his milk” to help him sleep.

All of these drugs had been rampant in the King of Pop’s body, leading to his eventual cardiac arrest and death, according to reports from the singer’s autopsy.

But you can’t kill a legend – and the first week of summer will prove that – as the King of Pop rises from the grave – in the media at least – as the one-year anniversary of his death nears.

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