Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sponsoring a Canadian – A Fools Game

We warmly welcome anyone into Canada – even on an individual basis. If you travel to another land, meet someone, fall in love, and want them to come back with you, you can almost wrap them up and bring them over.

So did Percy Whiteman – to a degree. Whiteman fell for stripper from China, working in a local strip club, so he sponsored her immigration to Canada. Though one wonders how she managed to land a job in Canada, prior to her sponsorship?

Whiteman married this stripper, got AIDS and is now suing the strip club, the stripper he married, and the Canadian government for a total legal claim of $33 million. He’s suing the federal government for failing to follow up with the necessary HIV AIDS tests prior to allowing her into this country, and I presume the strip club for providing a place for him to hook-up with her – but that just seems silly.

This whole story has a foul stench to it – could it be that cheap stripper perfume?

NO! It smells like everyone is using everyone in this sordid tale of love (or is it lust?) gone wrong.

Suwalee Iamkong, from Hong Kong, China used her female prowess on a Canadian-male to work here and live here legally. She knew she had HIV before coming to Canada – she was tested in her homeland prior to arriving in Canada and tested positive. She simply denied the results, claiming they were inaccurate.

Excuse me, but if I found out that I had some life-threatening disease for which there was no cure, even if I didn’t believe the results, I sure as hell would have done something about it right away. Say, get a second opinion; maybe even have another test conducted?

Instead, she apparently ignored the test results, so that she could get into our wonderful country – and quite possibly take advantage of our free healthcare system.

Whiteman on the other hand, met Iamkong at the strip club, wanted her for more than just a private dance, and pursued a relationship with her.

Now I’m not knocking strippers – hey if I had a nice Double-D cup and an ass shaped like a peach, maybe I’d get up on stage and shake it to make some money. NOT!
There are more – ahem – respectable professions in this country. Or at least, I hope so. I know the depression in the economy has hit us hard, but please tell me there are still jobs where you don’t have to remove your clothing!

That said, Iamkong is in the sex trade. Granted, she’s not calling herself a prostitute, and she didn’t say anything about having sex for money. But guys – and girls – don’t go to strip clubs just to hang out and drink over-priced, watered down suds. Needless to say, one must question Whiteman’s choice of meeting spots for finding a potential mate.

Regardless of where you go to meet people, only a fool these days would engage in unsafe sexual behaviour.

You can get sexual diseases from anyone anywhere these days, so it only makes sense to have safe sex until both parties have been tested. Hell, common sense is to practice safe sex with anyone you meet, until you see the black and white documents proving you and your partner are both clean and free from all things evil. Having unprotected sex without knowing for sure is just asking for something nasty, and as in the case of Whiteman, deadly.

I assume they still even do those blood tests prior to marriage, so that once you’ve tied the knot you can cut loose and be free, and presumably have kids and start a family. How come the now unhappy couple, didn’t get tested before getting married?

Another question remains, should Canadian tax dollars really be spent on recruiting and sponsoring strippers?

If Canada is to remain competitive in the ever shrinking global economy, just how competitive will we be as a nation, if we’re spending money on bringing in people to take off their clothes for money, instead of engineers, scientists, chemists, philosophers, even sculptors, writers and other professional artists – surely these career paths add more to the fabric of a nation, than a stripper would.

Though they are nice to look at, and I suppose they assist with beer and other alcohol sales . . . take it off! Take it all off!

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