Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Bad Bell Canada Wants Me Back

Recently, I left Bell Canada because they screwed up majorly. I had ordered their high-speed Internet and they told me several times that it was available in my area. They even were going to arrange free installation of the router and all the software that came with my package.

However, for those of you who read my blogs on a regular basis, you will know this never happened. Instead I waited all day for the installer to come and if it hadn't been for a phone call by me, and being placed on hold quite a long time the installer would never have come.

When the installer did come, he didn’t even do the full install. He could not get a signal to the Internet, so all he did was install the router and set up a wireless network -- which I could've done all on my own. The installer assured me that a signal to the Internet would be up and running by noon the following day – they had to do some work on the phone box on the street.

I waited and waited and waited -- but there was still no Internet signal even by the 2 p.m. So, I called Bell Canada instead and immediately he was placed on hold.

Placing a customer for story had a bad experience on hold is not a good thing, this is how people get even more angry upset and frustrated with the company that they are dealing with. As it is often you have to surf through several selections on an automated telephone system before you can get a live human being and that even makes people more frustrated.

Not to be outdone from the first time the first person I talked to was no use -- he apologized and transferred me to someone else who also had to transfer me to someone else. I must have gone through at least another 20 people, maybe even more who knows!

It makes me wonder how the biggest telephones company in Canada has any business when 20 of the people who mentioned their telephones haven't a clue how to answer them.

So, this is how I was feeling -- first I was already in a bad mood because Bell Canada had made another promise which they could not keep, and anytime a company sells you something and tells you something but does not deliver, that'll put anyone in a bad mood. Then, I waited around for something to happen -- even my Internet to come on, or someone -- from Bell Canada to call me and tell me why my Internet was not. You'd figure a telephone company would know how to use a telephone to contact their customers and keep them informed – or at least that makes sense. Doesn’t it?

Still adding to the frustration, when I took the initiative which Bell Canada should have taken in the beginning to make contact, I had to sift through a menu of phone options, customer service representatives, and who knows who else, only to be placed on hold for half-an-hour!

Finally, someone comes on the line, and explains to me that the phone box on my street is full, and I have to wait until someone moves out of the neighbourhood before getting the service which I was already promised by Bell Canada.

SO, it surprised me over the past couple of days that on my call display, Bell Canada had been calling – but not leaving messages. Maybe the phone company really doesn’t know how to use a phone?

Again taking matters into my own hands, I called the number left on my caller ID – and was warmly greeted by a Bell Canada sales person, trying to get me to come back to their company.

I had dropped them as a primary phone carrier for my land line, and I am in the process of replacing them for my cellular servicers as well.

The Bell Canada sales person asked me what would it take to get me to come back. I laughed, explained the whole ordeal, and said I wouldn’t ever do business with Bell Canada again.

Well, maybe if Bell Canada – the country’s largest telephone company – actually learned how to use a telephone – then maybe I’d consider it. But you know the saying – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. . .

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