Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Some People Never Let Go

Our Prime Minister apologized today for the numerous sexual assaults in some native schools. The Prime Minister has never actually participated in any of these, he was apologizing on behalf of the nation.

The Natives of this land, and many other lands, have endured many changes from their traditional ways of life. European travellers discovered new land, and their native inhabitants many eons ago. And as both diverse cultures collided, so too did the ways this land was run.

All of this happened back in the days of the fur trade, long before cell phones, televisions or even the Internet. Yet in this day of technological advances – many of which the Natives use themselves – our politicians are still grid locked with Native protestors about issues that should have been buried long ago.

I’m not saying that the sexual abuse on Native-based schools is a good thing – far from it. But why is our country’s top dog apologizing for it, when he has absolutely nothing to do with it?

The answer is strictly political – the Natives blame their misfortunes on everyone and anyone that isn’t Native. They use the realm of politics to garner attention and support for their causes, when for the most part, their causes have nothing to do with that realm.

Sexual abuse unfortunately happens in many places across the country, but you don’t hear the Prime Minister apologizing to those who aren’t Native.

Poverty, hunger, alcoholism, drug abuse and other problems common throughout society, have all been blamed on modern society by the Natives. Our federal government has responded by pumping billions of dollars into Native communities, in the hopes of helping with these problems. But these problems occur everywhere in our society, not just on Native soils. How come our federal government doesn’t take the time to try and solve these problems nationally?

Because Native protestors are violent, politically savvy terrorists. That truly is what they are – you don’t see Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) blocking major highways, and threatening to shoot anyone that passes. Yet MADD does great work in helping victims of drunk drivers. The United Way, one of the largest non-profit charitable organizations in Canada, which provides training, clothing, and shelter services to the poor, doesn’t light our national flag on fire, while getting into fist fights with police during a protest, as the Natives do.

There are many examples of just how good, solid organizations raise awareness about real issues, versus the violent methods Natives use to resurrect old issues, just because they really have nothing left to complain about.

When a group of people takes federally issued funds and uses those funds to cause harm and violence, instead of to use it for resolution of the issues for which it was intended, then I think we should stop supporting Native causes.

Why should our tax dollars be spent on bullets and barricades, when they can be used elsewhere in the country for peaceful means?

Yes, what happened to the Natives during the fur trade was horrible, and shows a certain level ignorance towards their culture and way of life. But those horrors occurred long before our grand parents – and even our great grand parents – were alive. So why are we still hearing the same old song and dance?

I think, the Natives just aren’t creative enough to come up with real solutions to their own problems, so they hold on to old issues to rally support around. These rallies gather much needed financial support, which they in turn put into more rallying cries, instead of their intended purpose – to help with the issues raised.

It’s time our politicians woke the f*ck up and stopped funding violent, terrorist-like behaviour. It’s time for our politicians to leave the past in the past, and move on towards the future. Let go of the Natives, they just hold the rest of the country back from progress.

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