Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Has Finally Arrived – For Now

There are some sure signs spring has arrived – the changing of the clocks, the longer days, the melting of snow and ice, buds appearing on trees and flowers ready to sprout.

But one sure sign spring is here, is when it is warm enough outside to breakout the lawn chairs, and sit on my balcony and enjoy the warm sunshine.

Today was the first day where it was warm enough to go outside without a heavy winter coat – even warm enough to go outside without a spring jacket!

With the sunny skies, and the warm weather, I took out the lawn chairs and spent a nice lazy evening, enjoying something we Canadians don’t get enough in the winter – fresh air.

I know the weather forecasters are predicting wetter and colder conditions later in the week – but today was a the first time this year to be enjoyed outside.

Must be a Canadian thing to have to wait a whole six-months or more before you can venture outside sans coat to enjoy a nice day. There are those days in the winter, when the wind is howling and the snow is drilling into your face so hard, you run as fast as you can to get into the protective shelter of the great indoors.

But the great indoors can only be great for so long. After a while, it begins to start to feel like a cage. The air becomes stale, and there is always this longing for sunny skies and fresh natural air.

I still do many of the things I do in the summer. I still BBQ in the winter, but I need to wear my bulky heavy winter coat, gloves, scarf and toque. I don’t sit out on the balcony in the winter, usually for fear of blowing away.

But on days like this, it is nice to just relax, with a cold beer, on the balcony, watching some raw meat turn nice and golden brown.

I’m looking forward to more days like these as the warm weather approaches.

Back to the balcony – can’t spend too long in front of the computer on a day like today!

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